Ready to create better looking photos, videos, designs & courses with less stress?

Let me teach you. - To get started download the PDF listing my favourite easy-to-use, free (or very affordable) resources.

You want to create an online course, videos or ebooks but feel like the tools "the pros" use are both overwhelming and expensive?

Hi, my name is Tobias Michel and I've been a Media Designer and Videographer and a master of Adobe Creative Cloud for many years but when I applied the level of perfectionism that I had learned in the industry to my own online products I quickly burned-out.

So now I'm a recovering perfectionist learning and teaching affordable and easy-to-use tools to create online courses, videos, photos, ebooks, vlogs, animations and everything you need to stand out online.

Adobe Creative Cloud is awesome, but unless you want to become a graphic designer, photographer or film maker it is not the place to start for you as a creative small business owner / course creator. (It would take years to learn all the apps!)

Luckily for you the internet is your friend and there are tons of awesome, free / affordable tools out there and with this handy PDF-guide you now can know what to invest in (and what not to).



Here are the resources that I recommend for quality video / photo / ebook / content production to small/medium businesses, VAs, ministries, creatives and course creators - that are much easier to learn and still get the job done.

This PDF lists:

• Photo editing tools
• Design tools for ebooks, presentations
• Video equipment/smartphones: Mics
• Video equipment/smartphones: Holders
• Screen recording for videos & tutorials
• Screen recording & video editing tools
• Video & photo cameras
• Vlog & video camera microphones
• Microphones for your computer
• Lights for your videos

All researched and tested for you, so you don't have to spend one more minute searching online.



"I have spend two hours working with Tobias logged into my website and it helped me to get things customised on my site quickly. I didn't have to sit and figure things out by myself and I saved so much time. He is kind and focused and has great knowledge of a wide range of video/web/design related topics. I highly recommend him."

Annie Tønnessen

"We have enjoyed receiving iPhone video production training over a longer period of time by Tobias. Also at those occations where Tobias has produced videos for us, we were delighted at the high professional quality, the good price and on time delivery."

Hege Guttormsen

"Tobias was a valuable member of the team for our last video assignment/event and somebody that I will use again on large scale productions. Tobias was reliable, had great communication, good planning skills and was a hard working member of the team."

Andy Cross